Recioto San Cassiano

Recioto San Cassiano
Recioto San Cassiano

Recioto San Cassiano

Recioto San Cassiano is produced with grapes of the oldest vineyard on Monte Paradiso, planted in 1965 from grandfather Albino. Typical varieties of Valpolicella reach the perfect balance here.

Usually grapes are very matures on September, with a smell of jam, observed also in the wine.

Grapes is harvested by hand with one hundred-sixty days of plateaux drying and the vinification takes place with the addition of yeasts for fifteen days. This wine is sweet, traditionally used for special occasions. It is not produced every years, but only when climatic conditions of vintage and soil, they give typical smell of Recioto to grapes. It presents notes of jam and red fruits and its taste is sweet but balanced, full and definite, with a good persistence.

Land of production

Monte Paradiso, Mezzane, Verona


400 mt above the sea


Corvina, Molinara, Rondinella

Vine training system

Pegola ancient vineyard, 3300 vines for ha


 in new barriques and  in bottle



Bottles vintage 2015

2100/500 ml